Thinking About Journaling in 2023? Read on …

Journaling is Primarily a Labor of Self-Love  Journaling is a way to stay close to myself and to the God of my understanding. It is loving  myself enough to want to engage in the deep mystery and truth of my own self, not only things  of the past, but in the here and now. KnowingContinue reading “Thinking About Journaling in 2023? Read on …”

My List of What Journaling Can Give Us

Since we’ve catapulted into 2022, some of us are once again in some measure of lock-down, as we deal with a renewed spike of the Corona virus. Yet, we are learning that this is the “new normal” and we must work at living in the pandemic without closing ourselves off totally to friends, schools, workplaces,Continue reading “My List of What Journaling Can Give Us”

Gratitude: The Main Staple for Thanksgiving

Gratitude is not only one of those necessary staples of the spiritual life, it is the centerpiece of the feast that we can practice on ANY given day, not just on Thanksgiving. We can feast on gratitude anytime and always — when life is going badly or when it’s going great. Having gratitude for “whatContinue reading “Gratitude: The Main Staple for Thanksgiving”