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A Journey to Your True Self and the Divine

Journaling as a Spiritual Path

by Jo-Ellen A. Darling

“When we commit to journaling, we will all be beginners to some degree. For all of us, it will be like meeting a new, exciting, and important friend.”

~ From the Introduction
Ocean and sand

How Shall We Begin?

“Creating a time and place for your intention to stay connected to yourself — by reflecting on your life — will be the initial focus. In this case, your ritual might be to rise early enough each morning to have this time before rushing into your day, or to find a peaceful place on your lunch break, or a time in the evening when the house is quiet… Of course, it can be a combination of these times of day, as your schedule allows.”

Sand and ocean

Discovering Ourselves

“A key question for us might be: Am I acting from a place of fear? Or am I acting from a place of self-informed choices? If our intentions are always to protect ourselves from too much discomfort in life, we can be led away from our true purpose, and from being truly ourselves. Instead of avoiding discomfort, we will want to work with it, to invite it to the pages of our journal. Using our will to create intentions that lead to inner freedom — by taking risks and allowing discomfort — is one of the greatest fruits of the will.”

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Connecting with the Divine

“Using prayer and meditation, we can ask a spiritual power greater than ourselves for support. This takes a measure of humility and courage as we acknowledge the possibility of the existence of a Universal Power, the Great Spirit, God, the Divine — or acknowledging that an energy — if not someone — is deeper at work in our lives. Journaling our experiences and returning to their important lessons will provide a pattern of unfolding that begins to show us how the divine operates in our individual lives.”

“Being in a state of unknowing is not the same

as losing your way.”

Journaling as a Spiritual Path

Available on Amazon Books in Late Fall 2021

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About the Author

The author began to journal at age 30 after an intense episode of spiritual awakening. Thirty-five years later, her journaling continues to be an amazing inner journey of reflection, self-knowledge, creative expression, and continued spiritual growth. Jo-Ellen received a B.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and an M.S. in Communications Management from Simmons University.

Journaling as a Spiritual Path is her first book.

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